HPC (Haxentric precompiler) command line options       Close

Usage: java -jar hpc.jar -src sourcedir [-libs libdir1[;libdir2;...]] [-se off] [-gm] [-at apptype] [-id element_id] [-cf cssfile] [-ec] [-rf resourcefile] [-er] [-dl debuglevel] [-ac classname] [-lo localeid]

-src: source directory

-libs: directories of used libraries

-se: swallowing exceptions during evaluation of binding expressions; values: on, off; default: on

     if the value is 'on' and the evaluation of a binding expression fails (exception occurs) the property gets a default value depending on its type

-gm: generate main class (required for -id, -at, -cf, -ec, -rf, -er, -dl, -ac, -lo options)

-at: application type; values: html; default: html (not required for HTML applications)

-id: the id of the application container HTML element

-cf: css file (file path or url)

-ec: embed css file (if -cf is not an url)

-rf: resource file (file path or url)

-er: embed resource file (if -rf is not an url)

-dl: the debug level of application; values: off, error, warn, info, debug, all; default: off

-ac: the fully qualified name of the application class (required if -gm is used)

-lo: the id of the initial locale; e.g. en_US, hu_HU; default: default


"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231\bin\java" -jar c:\HPC\HPC.jar -src q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src -libs c:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\std;c:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\Haxentric\1,0,0\ -gm -ec -cf q:\Projects\dbDiffo\bin\dbDiffo.css -er -rf q:\Projects\Haxentric\bin\resources.xml -id "application" -ac com.dbdiffo.ODBD -dl off -lo en_US

HE (Haxentric Embedder) command line options       Close

Usage: java -jar he.jar -src sourcedir -ef file1[;file2;...]] -ec classname

-src: source directory

-ef: files to embed as Strings

-ec: classname for embedded Strings


"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231\bin\java" -jar c:\HE\HE.jar -src q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src -ef q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\ibmdb2.10.5.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mssql.2008.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mysql.5.0.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mysql.5.1.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mysql.5.5.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mysql.5.6.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\mysql.5.7.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\oracle.11g.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.8.4.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.0.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.1.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.2.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.3.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.4.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.5.xml;q:\Projects\dbDiffo\src\com\dbdiffo\meta\postgresql.9.6.xml -ec com.dbdiffo.meta.EmbeddedMeta

HPKG (Haxentric Packager) command line options       Close

Usage: java -jar hpkg.jar -t templatefile -o outputfile

-t: template html file

-o: output html file

-e: encoding; default: UTF-8


"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231\bin\java" -jar c:\HPKG\HPKG.jar -t q:\Projects\dbDiffo\bin\dbdiffo.phpt -o q:\Projects\dbDiffo\bin\dbdiffo.php

A free and open source Adobe/Apache Flex-like JS/HTML framework (license: LGPL 3.0)
developed with Haxe 3.2.0
download from sourceforge or
install with haxelib install Haxentric
Command line tools: HPC   HE   HPKG
Projects developed with Haxentric: dbDiffo   Make Love Not Code!
To learn more about Haxentric, check out the Portfolio application (under development).

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All rights reserved.